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An avid techie since childhood, I've finally decided that it's time to establish my own presence on the web, as opposed to outsourcing it to a bunch of social network pages.

Here you'll find musings, my professional history, and anything that catches my interest.

As will become obvious as this page grows, I'm an Apple user, through and through:  When I work, I use the best tools for the job.  Sometimes that's Microsoft-based, sometimes it's Apple-based, and often, it's Linux-based.  Once I'm at home, though, I find that comfort, simplicity, and ease of use trump all of the flexibility in the world.   

Cool counts for a lot.  Simplicity counts for a lot more.


The new Mac Pro

No reviews yet, but a unit this small, this powerful, and this "limited" actually brings to mind a future in which the computing "core" is irrelevant.  Six Thunderbolt ports, to me, indicates a change in overall design.  Simply enough, those six ports replace the five PCIe slots on the older Mac Pro, while still keeping an HDMI slot free for a display.

I don't think it's necessarily going to be considered revolutionary, as it's just a box with ports instead of internal slots.  Once someone upgrades in three to five years, though?  Removing that one processing "core" and reconnecting everything else within a couple of minutes is going to  cause a brief Eureka Moment.